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Local 274 HERE

The trustees of the Local 274 HERE Health and Welfare Fund have entered into an agreement with Pro Support Systems (PSS) to provide all Local 274 HERE members  (family members not covered at this time) with comprehensive health care coverage for orthotic appliances as determined to be medically necessary.

A prescription pair of custom molded orthotic appliances, every 24 months (2yrs), will be paid directly to Pro Support Systems (PSS) by the Union benefit plan.

As a result of the preferred provider agreement with PSS, the Union members will now have the opportunity to receive PSS orthotics from a PSS preferred provider and are not responsible for any balance of the cost of the device which includes the impression casting and office visit, except for a $20 co-payment.

  • The PSS Preferred Provider will perform an examination, take a cast impression and provide a prescription for the orthotics.
  • Many of our finest Doctors nationwide do not subscribe to HMOs. If the member wishes the care for non-orthotic services, he/she may request this and be responsible for the fee. He/she will be advised that the provider is not enrolled in Keystone although most are in Blue Shield, if not all. They can bill for services to Blue Shield that are covered and they must accept assignment as Blue Shield Doctors. It will be the informed choice of the patient. The fund is not responsible or liable for payment or coverage.
  • The provider will make every attempt to fit and dispense the orthotics in a timely and professional manner.

Orthotic orders for Union members will be sent exclusively to the PSS lab.

No direct or balance billing to patients for orthotics and casting will be allowed.

The Preferred Provider Directory is available on our website. To select your area provider visit our website at Click on the Preferred Provider button on the left margin and pick a provider from the list by area code or state and click.

The Pro Support System headquarters are located at the offices of Dr. Simon Small in Bala Cynwyd, Pa.

To get fitted for your custom molded orthotics contact us at 800-262-FEET or 610-664-0848. You can also e-mail us at We look forward to helping the Local 274 HERE members get a step ahead!




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