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International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

The Board of Trustees of the District Council 21 Welfare Fund has recently concluded negotiations with Pro Support Systems (PSS) to provide all eligible members (dependants not included) with orthotic shoe inserts determined to be medically necessary. The eligible member will be able to obtain one pair of custom molded appliances per year through the PSS preferred provided agreement.

Custom fitted devices such as this generally average $400 a pair. Prior to the PSS agreement, orthotic appliances were not covered. As a result of the preferred provider agreement with PSS, eligible members will now have the opportunity to receive PSS orthotics from a PSS preferred provider and will only be responsible for a $50 co-pay towards the device and casting, and any applicable office visit charges. The participant will continue to be covered under the DC 21 Plan for office visits and other related services up to the current plan limits.

1.     Select a Pro Support Systems Preferred Provider (a list is available online at and click on the Preferred Provider button, or by calling Pro Support Systems at 1-610-664-0848 or 1-800-262-3338


2.  Upon arrival at the doctor’s office, present your union ID card and state that you are a member of District Council 21’s Pro Support Systems program.


3.  The doctor will provide the examination and impression casting.  The casting and prescription will be sent to PSS for fabrication.


4.  After the member is examined and casted, the member shall return for fitting and dispension at the office of the preferred provider.

The Pro Support Systems headquarters are located at the offices of Dr. Simon Small, 327 Montgomery Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA. 19004.  Questions regarding providers should be directed to Pro Support Systems at the numbers listed above.

The Board hopes that you will find this new program to be a useful benefit.




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