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Capital Blue Cross  

Capital Blue Cross has entered into an agreement with Pro Support Systems to provide reduced rates for orthotic appliances.  An orthotic is a three-layered shoe insert made to control and balance the foot while providing cushioned shock absorption.  The discounted price for members (including dependents) will be $265.  This includes the casting.  The usual price could be over $400.00.


1.      Contact Pro Support Systems at 800-262-3338 or 610-664-0848 to purchase a voucher certificate.


2.  Find a Preferred Provider who accepts the voucher certificate.


3.  Upon receipt of the voucher, the member will choose a provider from the list.      

Remember, you  must select a provider who participates in the program to     

                  use the discount voucher.

Once you receive the voucher certificate, your medical insurance will determine the next step.

Capital Blue Cross

Those with Capital Blue Cross will select a provider from the Pro Support Systems Network and present the voucher to receive your orthotic.

All providers in the Pro Support Systems Network participate in Blue Cross.   The provider will perform an examination, take a cast impression and provide a prescription for your orthotic and forward them to the PSS lab.  The provider will charge Blue Cross for all applicable office visits, x-rays and surgical fees.  The insured will be responsible for the co-pay on these services.


Members enrolled in an HMO will see their provider and obtain a prescription from the HMO Provider for the orthotic.  If the provider is a member of the Pro Support Systems Network, the provider will cast and fit the orthotic.  Should the doctor not be a member of the Pro Support Systems Network, the patient will select a provider from the Pro Support Systems Network, present the voucher certificate and the doctor´┐Żs prescription and receive the casting and fitting at no additional charge.


The procedures will be the same for Blue Shield.  In all instances, Medicare will be the primary payer for non-orthotic services.



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